Industry Challenge
Intrinsically competitive, Financial Services success mandates innovation, customer centricity, operational agility and efficiency. Unfortunately, traditional “wet signature” paper-based processes, rife with consumer-churning delays, increasing costs and wastage, continually stifle conversion rates and negatively impact asset Operational Expense Ratios. IBM Digital Acceptance addresses this challenge.
Design Solution
IBM Digital Acceptance provides a superior customer experience compared with traditional loan application processes. Digital Acceptance replaces branch office attendance, paper based documentation and postal service delays with the mobility, flexibility and efficiency afforded by real time electronic document delivery.
My Role
In 2018 I was involved in re-designing the IBM Digital Acceptance portal taking existing work and reinventing the user experience and user interface. In 2019 we implemented the solution at BOQ, where I lead the design of the customer-facing portal working directly with BOQ to design and configure the UI.
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