Student Project, The University of Sydney
Semester 2, 2016
DECO3200 - Interactive Product Design Studio
Created by Christopher Simpson, Isabella Bain and Zachary Bacon
Project Background
6 million people in Australia will suffer from a musculoskeletal disorder every year to varying degrees. These disorders range across many different specific areas of the body.​​​​​​​
Problem Statement
How can we create a wearable technology solution for lower body musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) to better educate, assist and enhance the patient experience during their physical rehabilitation therapy?
Design Solution
ReforMe is a wearable solution to assist in the rehabilitation of knee related musculoskeletal disorder. Incorporated into a sock patients are able to wear, ReforMe is able to track, analyse, report and support MSD patients. Using a range of EMG, accelerometer and pressure sensors the sock will be able to track daily rehabilitation exercise targets. With the companion mobile application patients will be able to see exercise schedules, recommended activities as well as their current and historical progress during MSD rehabilitation. Data used in the App will also at rehab progress milestones be used to create generative artwork which can assist the patient in understanding how important the progress is while also rewarding their hard work.
My Role
On this project I was designated the technical design lead. As a team we completed the initial research and then completed separate ideation. Once we agreed on a design I was primarily responsible for designing and building the physical prototype. I was also responsible for the physical interaction design of ReforMe. The physical prototype was built using an Arduino fitted with a series of sensors, which interfaces with the computer using the processing language. I was also involved in the UI design of the mobile application and usability testing the solution.
Product Video
ReforMe Mobile App UI

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