Student Project, The University of Sydney
Semester 1, 2016
DECO3100 - Information Visualisation Design Studio
Social media is used by many individuals and corporations across our modern society. Throughout the widespread use of this online world, vast amounts of data are being created every day. The ability to take this data and transform it forms todays world of Information Visualisation. This ranges from complex spreadsheets forming analytics of online traffic, audience, current/future trends, behavioural patterns, customer sentiment, through to abstract creations which extrapolate unique and beautiful perspectives on such vast quantities of data. The influence of social media can be seen across event such as the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW). Held annually the City of Melbourne run events hosts a series of runways shows, catwalks, talks, film screenings and retail experiences showcasing the latest spring and summer collections from iconic and top Australian brands and designers.
Project Brief
The Project Brief was to develop a product which was able to deliver an enhanced MSFW event experience enabled though the used of social media data and mobile technology, with a focus of using data-driven design, technology and techniques. This was to be created by leveraging social media data and other publicly available datasets which could then be represented across a range of possible forms and contexts. 

Project Concept
The Social Runway is a large installation display, visualising social media data across Melbourne. It uses a collection of digital projections and LED displays located in and around various MSFW locations. As social media users post images to Twitter or Instagram, by tagging posts with #SocialRunway and #MSFW or @MSFW, these images are captured and displayed at nearby Social Runway locations around Melbourne. The Social Runway also incorporates a social media competition increasing awareness and encourage users to connect with The Social Runway online. Data collection from Social Media will be used to showcase collection of user generated posts, as well as sponsored content from MSFW and partner companies.
Final Design Prototype
The final prototype was created using the Processing programming language. It uses pre-refined lists of social media post which contain the web links to Instagram and twitter images as well as caption and user information. Data is feed from these CSV through a ‘Data Simulator’ App which then generates a working file CSV which is accesses from the main ‘The Social Runway’ sketch. This was done to show the ability for The Social Runway to take in real data as if it were running live at MSFW. In this case the data simulator would download post from twitter/Instagram and save these to the working CSV allowing for minimal code changes being made to the visualisations for future work on The Social Runway.

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