The University of Sydney
Semester 2, 2014
DECO1013 Sound Design
Solo Project
Light Music is a non-tangible way to interact with music. Exploring the dynamic and changing aspects of music though light and sound is an engaging way to form communication and interactions between people. The concept was to design a system that took physical movements of the hands and finger and to turn this into music. These movements then allow for manipulation and control of generative audio.
The concept was to link a Leap Motion controller with Ableton Live to create this human/sound interface. The Leap Motion controller can accurately track hand/finger movement/location. This data would be the core of the project and the main tool behind creating the user/system interaction. The system would then provide user feedback via the projection of light into fog creating a hologram like effect within the air. This would define distance zones or areas that the user is able to interact with the system. As these zones or ares are ‘played’ this would then trigger various audio effects or sounds manipulating the audio output from the system.
Light Music was created using the Leap Motion Controller, Processing, MIDI and Ableton Live.


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